The Epistles of James and Jude


Few books are cited as often within the church as the Epistle of James….

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The Epistles of James and Jude – 2011

English “dubbed”

8 Lessons


Few books are cited as often within the church as the Epistle of James. This book is a practical guide for the Church concerning her conduct. It shows firmness in the face of each topic and presents multiple illustrations and comparisons that make the teaching easy to remember. Considered the first epistle written to Christians, this letter develops several brief sermons that confront many hearts when referring to the kind of life that must be manifest as the life of Christ is formed in us after each trial. Together, we will study what we could call “Faith in Action” or “The Acts of Faith.”



In this epistle, Jude refers to the characteristic words of apostates, and the works and doctrines that will emerge during the last days. This letter represents a struggle against the misinterpretation of the message of live faith, and a warning to believers in light of those who will cause many of the true faith to go astray by the wrong message concerning God’s grace. For this reason, we want to dedicate this time to be instructed on the matter, and in so doing, separate ourselves from the river of deceit that extends itself today within the Body of Christ.

Pastor Hugo Romero

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