Back to the Wrong Roots

A study Judaism and the roots of true faith in Christ.



Back to the Wrong Roots

Many today tell the Jewish people that they can believe in Jesus and continue observing their Jewish customs, explaining that the roots of Christianity are found in Judaism. That is true, but in whose Judaism, God’s or man’s? Man’s Judaism brought death to Christ, and it will bring death to His life in us if we embrace it.

Israel and the Church have been vitally linked by God. However, an unbiblical and romantic infatuation with Israel has caused many to participate in man’s Judaism. This book documents the spiritual influence behind the Messianic Movement, and the long-term effects it has on its adherents, bringing great sorrow and even spiritual death.

The author has many Messianic friends whose character and sincerity are undeniable; this book is not an attack on them. But only a revelation of the glory of God will bring the Jews back to their God, not participating in their darkness to help them see our light!

  • Author: Marvin Byers
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Back to the Wrong Roots

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