Worshipping in Spirit and in Truth (audio)

I must give to the Lord all the credit for giving to us what my wife and I teach about worship. He is the one who opened our eyes to see many Scriptures that reveal the path to worshiping in Spirit and in truth. It was not my study nor wisdom that brought this message to us. It was an act of divine grace for which I can take absolutely no honor.

King David did not invent his way of worshiping the Lord. He received it from spending time in communion with the Lord in heavenly places. He then left us a clear biblical record of how heaven worships. Therefore, I want to acknowledge that the worship we present in this book is what we learned from the worship that King David instituted in Israel and then left clearly explained in the Bible.

That worship has been in the New Testament Church since the days after the cross, and surely even before the cross. God used mighty men of faith to preserve, teach, and demonstrate it. Thanks to them, it has never been lost.

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