Dare to be like Daniel



Dare To Be Like Daniel


  1. Alive, Alive.
  2. My God is so Big.
  3. He’s Got The Whole World in his Hands.
  4. Give Me Oil In My Lamp.
  5. I Have Decided To Follow Jesus.
  6.  I Will Sing Of The Mercies Of The Lord.
  7. The Wise Man.
  8. I May Never MArch In The Infantry.
  9. Twelve Disciples.
  10. Peter, James and John In a Sailboat.
  11. This Is my Comandment.
  12. Peter and John Went To Pray.
  13. This Little Light Of Mine.
  14. Only a Boy Named David.
  15. Dare To Be Like Daniel.
  16. Allow Me Oh Lord To A Part Of Your Kingdom.


– Author: Hebron Music Ministry.

– Music: Alejandro Juárez.

– Record by: José Carlos Morffin.

– Direction by: Jessica de Morffin.

– Graphic Design: Cristian Leiva.

– Vocals:

* Mabel Velázquez

* Ana Ruth Gularte.

* Ana Paula Morales.

* Ana Michelle Morales.

* Raquel Cristales.

* Stefanie Figueroa.

* Angela Figueroa.


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Dare to be like Daniel

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