From the Cockpit to the Heavenlies

This book tells about some of the worst aviation accidents in history, and examines many spiritual lessons that can be learned from them.

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From the Cockpit to the Heavenlies

The teachings of Jesus reveal that the different occupations in life have spiritual lessons to teach us. Aviation is no different, and piloting airplanes reveals many spiritual lessons. Even though aviation did not exist in the days of Jesus, the God-ordained laws that govern flying through the air did exist, and they reveal God’s wisdom and His ways.

Almost every human being will face spiritual storms in life. Sadly, many will not get through their storms. They will end in terrible emotional, spiritual, and sometimes, physical crashes. Even many Christians will experience devastating crashes in their storms. This book, written by an airline transport pilot (ATP), reveals vital keys for getting through the storms of life safely. Those keys are precisely the same keys that are needed to fly an airplane through storms. May God teach us the keys to having a safe spiritual landing and finishing the race that is set before us!

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From the Cockpit to the Heavenlies

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