Infallible Proofs



After His resurrection, the Lord gave His apostles many infallible proofs that He was
alive again (Acts 1:3). It is inconceivable that the very men who knew Him so well would
need infallible proofs to convince them that He was alive.
Something even more inconceivable is that, even though the Lord knew that His apostles
needed those proofs, many of His followers today assume that their faith does not need
similar proofs. God never changes, and man’s needs remain the same. Do we have such
great faith that we do not need His proofs? Is our faith stronger than the faith of the
apostles? Maybe one problem is that we do not see our need for such proofs, or we do not
even recognize them when they come.
In this book, many infallible proofs are shared that have occurred in the lives of Marvin
and Barbara Byers and others. These will encourage the faith of a true Believer, and they
will force any atheist who reads them to reach one of two conclusions: Either there is a
God, or else the author of this book has invented stories. However, there are too many
witnesses who confirm these experiences for them to be invented stories. There is no
doubt; Jesus Christ is alive today!

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Infallible Proofs

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