Organ Music Collection

This three album organ music collection was produced to be a part of your personal worship, meditation, and prayer time with the Lord. This set of three CDs, with seven tracks each, lasts 2 hours 5 minutes.



Organ Music Collection

Do you experience time in secret with God, delighting in the warmth of His presence within you? These moments can be greatly blessed by the inspiration of music ministered to Him. Below, you will find a brief description of a three-volume organ music collection produced to worship God and, through that worship, to allow Him to fill you as you praise Him, read the Bible, and pray. This set of three albums, with seven tracks each, lasts 2 hours 5 minutes.


“For he is thy Lord; and worship thou him.” Psalm 45:011

The Worship album has songs that bless listeners who approach God with hearts bowed down to pour themselves out in admiration. These songs focus on God’s faithfulness, state of exaltation, power, glory, majesty, and holiness. They draw the believer’s heart to join in that worship with attitudes of humility, reverence, and awe.

  1. Great is Thy Faithfulness
  2. I will Give Thanks
  3. Father We Love You
  4. O’ the Glory
  5. And I Beheld
  6. Holy, is The Lord of Hosts
  7. Holy, Holy, Holy


“I commune with mine own heart: and my spirit made diligent search.” Psalm 77:6

To be used during times of Scripture reading, this album lifts up songs that consider the depth of God’s love, the power of His name, how Creation harmonizes in worship, God’s goodness, and His care. As they read the Bible, listeners’ hearts may harmonize with these themes and respond to the Lord in worship, love, trust, and hunger for more of Him.

  1. His Name is Wonderful
  2. Cherish that Beautiful Name
  3. He is Exalted
  4. God is So Good
  5. Jesus We Just Want to Thank You
  6. He Shall Never Suffer
  7. I’m Trusting You


“Let my prayer be set forth before thee as incense.” Psalm 141:2

The third album ministers to God during the believer’s prayer time.  These songs direct the praying believer’s heart to speak to God about following His will for his life by asking for a heart that surrenders, for a spirit that drinks from God’s river, for a life that trusts that the Lord answers prayer, and for a soul that seeks to see His glory.

  1. Oh to Be Faithful
  2. Have Thine Own Way Lord
  3. Show Us Thy Glory
  4. Jesus is Passing This Way
  5. I Want to Drink
  6. Cause Me to Come
  7. Hold Thou My Hand


Byers Series: Volume 6

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Organ Music Collection