The Cross of Christ

In this course, we study the Cross of Christ. We study what roll the cross plays in the gospel of Christ according the Bible and how much it is a part of our Christian walk with Jesus.



The Cross of Christ

Currently, many people believe that the cross of Christ, and the message of death and resurrection through the cross, is only part of the gospel. Modern gospel teachings say that the message of the cross is the part of the gospel that we can use to grow and receive more blessing, but this is a lie. The cross of Christ is the whole gospel of Christ and not simply an additional element ensuring our lives will be better. Rather, it is the only source of life in any genuine Christian walk.

Our calling is to follow Jesus to the cross and pass through the desert where the flesh dies completely and only the new generation, Christ, remains in us. Only those willing to surrender their lives and win Jesus through the cross will be like Him and come to the full blessing of fellowship with the Father. For this reason, we want to set apart some time to study some keys to go through suffering right understanding and know what the purpose of the cross is: to become like Jesus and know Him.

Pastor Marvin Byers

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