The End Time Biblical Calendar



Many years ago, the Lord spoke to my wife and me saying that He would open our understanding about the last days. We have not tried to figure “truths” out about the end times nor have we tried to fulfill this prophecy.

However, we know that God has dropped into our hearts and spirits, for the last 50 years, secrets about the end times. By His mercy, we have received some of the most wonderful secrets that the Lord has given us. They are not ours but rather His truths alone. They are from grace and grace alone, and we have no doubt where they have come from.

We hope that the Lord would give each of us hearts to perceive and understand what He has shared and wants to share with us, so that we may live in the light of His truth! Truths are gems. God wants to give us His gems. What will we do with them? This is a very important question in light of this message and eternity!

By Pastor Marvin Byers

8 Lessons

Virginia, 2023

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The End Time Biblical Calendar